BioHaven Floating Islands

BioHaven® Floating Islands provide the most significant development in artificial wetland technology. For the first time it is now possible to substantially increase the biological working surface ('biofilm') in existing wetland environments, augmenting the treatment capacity without the need for additional land area. BioHavens create opportunities for continuous wetland function, irrespective of water levels and flow rates. The option to install BioHavens as a functional component of new wetlands allows for a smaller wetland footprint as well as the ability to sequestrate dissolved nutrients and pollutants that would be difficult to achieve with conventional wetland systems.

BioHavens provide a wide range of options for the functional beautification of both natural and artificial wetlands, maturation and ornamental ponds, dams and other waterbodies. The options are limitless. These floating islands may not only be planted with either aquatic or terrestrial plants, they may also be used for growing cut flowers or vegetables, i.e. providing income or food security in addition to improved water quality. Larger versions, with recirculation devices and other features, can be added to existing wastewater treatment plants to cope with meeting effluent treatment needs. The options are endless.

On this page you will find various information materials and brochures. We can assist with the determination of required floating island area for a specific need or treatment goal. Should you need further information, please contact us.

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